3 Powerful Facebook Features You’re Probably Not Using

People love jumping to this conclusion, Facebook is nothing more than a waste of time. There is a reason this social network continues to dominate and that’s because it’s an incredibly powerful and extremely useful communication tool. The same way people use applications such as Google Docs or Basecamp for group collaboration, Facebook incorporates similar features on a platform that many are already familiar with. Best of all, of course, it is free to use.

If you begin to use the platform with a purpose, you’ll discover new ways to make your life easier. None of what I am telling you is a secret, young kids get paid incredibly well to write computer code designing products to make our lives easier. Why not give these free products a try and see what works for you?

1. Groups:

Using Groups for Team Collaboration:

I am not suggesting that you use a Facebook Group like a Facebook Page. Many have confused the Groups feature not understanding the difference between a Group and a Page. The focus of utilizing the Groups feature is for better overall communication within an organization or project.

Team collaboration does not have to be difficult nor does an organization need expensive software implemented. Groups are powerful tool for exactly what they’re called, groups. Group organization and communications can all live within one centralized place, with each post time stamped, and the collaborators know who has viewed the important information shared within. 

File Sharing within Groups:

Documents from your computer can be shared within the Group and a Dropbox plugin is now natively built into the website. Expect as time rolls on to see more integrations from outside products you already use and love.


2. Interests: (Lists)

Make Your News Feed Work For You:

Upon making the switch from Comcast cable to Verizon Fios, I found myself lost. All of the numbers to my favorite channels were completely different on Fios. My options were to get angry every time I turned my TV to see a sea of worthless channels I would never tune to or use the Favorites option on my remote and put all of my favorite channels in one place.

Facebook also has this feature, it’s called Interests. If you are looking at your News Feed on Facebook, you can scroll down watching the left column and look for the title Interests. Click the More button that magically appears and you will be on your way to creating your own interest lists.


With Interests, you are literally curating your own News Feed to show only the content you want to see. Above is only a small section of the Interest Lists I’ve created but they serve as a way for me to continually learn, stay inspired, and guarantee that I am not missing out on important and relevant industry topics.

As opposed to crying about all of the negativity you see within your Facebook News Feed, take the time to aggregate your own News Feeds and make the platform do the work for you.

3. Messenger:

Using Messenger For All It’s Worth:

Did you know that you can chat with your customers directly through the Messenger app? Or that you can also create group chats via the app? Facebook’s Messenger feature has a stand alone app and the features included within are only in their infancy. They are hoping to continually change the way we communicate and interact by upgrading their standalone Messaging app.

When it initially ruled out back in April, the response via tech blogs hinted towards this being a risky move for Facebook as if the public would have revolted against it due to ignorance and resistance to change. Although some resisted, like always, many simply adopted the new app and are even beginning to use it as a main form of communication.

And what is even better, Facebook Messenger is already expanding a crucial feature for businesses. It was announced that new software will allow businesses who already have a Facebook plugin on their site to also integrate a Facebook Messenger box. This means your customers can talk to your directly through your website via a live chat option. 

To sign up, you can visit Facebook Messenger for Business.

Embracing Payments:

Facebook Messenger also released an option people inherently resist out of fear. This year, Facebook unveiled a peer-to-peer payment option linked directly to your debit card. Snapchat also made a bold move this year partnering with Square to handle their money transfers. Facebook however built its entire system in-house meaning your debit card info will be housed on Facebook servers. Nothing to fear though, people have stored their payment information on Facebook’s servers for years from when people pay for games or gifts through its platform.

The best part of using Facebook Messenger for payments, besides ease of use, is it is completely free!

As we enter the new year with the rate of new innovation rapidly increasing, Facebook is working hard to design innovative products and merge ideas like never before seen or attempted. These technologies are tools and utensils, like the hammer and fork, if you choose to use them, your life just may be a little better off than if you chose not to use them. Who wants to eat spaghetti with their hands?


Innovation doesn’t wait for you or care what you think, this recent deal between Facebook and Uber is only the beginning of the new line of services and products set to be released as time moves forward.

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