Addicted to your Phone? Try the Hooked App Habit Tracker!

Does someone you know spend too much time on their phone? Is that someone you? Well, there’s an app for that. From social addicts to Candy Crush Saga masters, the Hooked App Habit Tracker is here to give you a rude awakening, that is, if you’re curious as to how much time is literally being spent on your phone. The Hooked – App Habit Tracker does just that, it tracks your habits and the apps you use. As most may see this app being a negative, it doesn’t have to be that way. The app is designed to simply track your phone usage, however you plan to use that data is up to you. 


There is no doubt that people are addicted to their phones and this comes from both productive and unproductive reasons. If you’re using your phone for business or just to browse social or play games, having a little bit of data showing you your usage could make a substantial difference in your life. Without the data, you’re just left to guesstimate how much time is spent on your phone and I’ll guesstimate that 99% of the time you guesstimate, you’re wrong. The only way to increase productivity is utilizing the raw data an app such as Hooked provides.

The Hooked App Habit Tracker requires you to install a VPN connection to their servers to calculate your usage stats. Without you even realizing, Hooked is diligently at work in the background tracking all of your app usage throughout the day. Within 24-48 hours, Hooked analyzes your data and begins to show you your stats.


Hooked has its positives and negatives just like anything else. I am not a developer but I would hope there would have to be a better way of making this app work as opposed to having to use the VPN connection. It seems to create multiple issues making it somewhat confusing for the typical user. While away on a 5 day trip, none of my usage was calculated and there was no warning or anything telling me why. I can only hope that these minor issues will be sorted out with time because the information gathered from this app is extremely valuable.

Hooked has a somewhat clever name but it is unfortunately a tad bit too generic. It also shares a name with Hooked Deals, an app designed to help you save money when going out to eat. Hooked Deals shows up first in the app store on IOS and that can be confusing for some. Below is a link to take you directly to the correct Hooked app download.

How to Download:


If you try out the app and are able to increase your own productivity as a result, let us know! @TrueMerchant

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