All Successful Social Media Accounts Follow This One Rule

Don’t you see? People today have attention spans that can only be measured in nanoseconds!” This quote (if you’re curious about the video below) is from the 1998 comedy BASEketball, where Ted Denslow points out a very specific point about 1998’s youth culture―everyone is distracted by entertainment. And this point was made long before social media even existed.

Way before smart phones and iPads, it was already apparent that even our limited use of technology was distracting. That was 1998, fast forward to today and think about how much has changed. In 1998, we had tv, newspapers, magazines, radios, and portable CD players that were useless without shock protection. Four years before that, Bill Gates was proudly introducing the CD-Rom.


Now think about today’s world…

What is going on?

what is goin on

Our attention spans may or may not have dwindled, but one thing is absolutely certain, every time you open your phone you can see something new. New pictures, videos, live streams, tweets, posts, blogs, gifs, memes, debates, fake articles, celebrity news, etc. And everyone posting that content has mere nanoseconds to grab your attention before you one-thumb swipe their content into oblivion.

Content is overflowing. Content is never-ending. Content is the Gluttonous King.

What does this mean?


Refresh your news feed, refresh your twitter (if you’re still using it), refresh your Instagram, refresh your what ever network on your phone. What do you see? New content. What else will you see? Advertisements. What do you not see? People complaining about ads on your networks. Why is this? Because advertising has evolved.


What does this mean to you?

Your outbound strategy must not rely on taking the easy way out, using old tactics, anything that annoys you and/or others. Look ahead around the curve, put in some effort and create something new. And know that once you do, there is only one way to become and stay relevant.

What’s the one key element?

You have a guy who is looking to build muscle and a girl who is looking to lose weight. How are they both going to achieve their goals? No matter what route, out of the millions of workout plans, cardio classes, and diets that exist, neither of their goals will be achieved unless they are consistent.

Consistency is the Key:

persistent and consistent

Consistency forces you to embrace change. It forces a plan that does not allow stagnancy or monotony. It forces you to step outside of the box and figure out what makes your network tick, what gets them to interact. All along the way, consistency continually reminds your network that you exist.

They may not be a customer today, they may not be a customer tomorrow but think about how many potential customers you lose out on by consistently not posting to your networks…

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