Ever Wonder How to get an American Express Black Card?

The American Express Black Card is certainly a rarity but its reputation is quite the opposite. Even though most of us have not physically seen or touched one, we know they exist. We can attribute this awareness to rappers like Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Nelly, shows like Entourage and even video games like Grand Theft Auto IV.

“Now I got black cards / Good credit and such / Baby boy / Now I’m all grown up” – Jay Z

Beyond the common pop culture elements such as music and TV, the Black Card has even made its way into art like this piece titled “American Depress” by Ron English.



Unfortunately the titanium American Express Black Card is not for everyone. If you meet the requirements, you’ll be among an elite small percentage of the population who carries a Black Card.

Requirements for an American Express Black Card:

To be invited, you will need to be spending more than $250,000 per year with an American Express card. If you’re already doing that, next is your net worth requirements. The average American Express Centurion card holder has about $16.3 Million in assets and about $1.3 Million income. Back that with an impeccable credit score and you may just be invited to get yourself an American Express Black Card.

What are the Benefits of an American Express Black Card?

The Centurion Lounge:

Free access is granted card members to The Centurion Lounge. The Centurion Lounge is an exclusive lounge featured in some of America’s biggest airports including: Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas McCarren, New York-LaGuardia, Miami, Seattle-Tacoma, and San Francisco with Houston scheduled next.

Preferential Treatment:

The list is exclusive to Amex Centurion members, but card memebers are privy to exclusive treatment at select restaurants, hotels, airlines, and auto rentals. Carrying this card essentially means you have premium status at the world’s leading hotels, airlines and more!

This American Express Centurion Black Card infographic explains even more:


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