Ever Wonder what it Takes to Get Your Idea on Shark Tank?

How many times have you had an idea and thought to yourself, “This would be great for Shark Tank!” The upcoming ABC 3 week event Beyond the Tank will dive even deeper into the tank giving us, the viewers, a behind the scenes look at what actually goes on with the businesses after the sharks invest.

If you have been a loyal fan of the show since inception, you may have noticed a significant shift in the actual legitimacy of the companies who now enter the tank compared to some of the companies who’ve previously had the opportunity to enter. With the rapid rise in popularity, Shark Tank now even holds America’s Got Talent style open auditions looking for the next great idea or product to be featured in the tank. In the early days however, when ABC was just testing the waters, it seemed as if anyone was able to enter the tank and pitch their idea. This was purely a tactic to provide nothing more than entertainment for the viewers, much like featuring William Hung’s audition on American Idol.

As the Shark Tank nation continues to grow, the quality of start-ups featured on the show also continue to grow and evolve. With the help of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indegogo, a great start-up idea has an easier barrier of entry to the capital needed to fund one’s dream. In today’s world, innovation is no longer restricted by the absence of access to capital.

There is no reason to have dreams these days, set goals. Set a deadline for your idea and work towards it. Who knows, you could even be the next start-up featured on Shark Tank. Just take a look at what presenting your idea did for PittMoss! On an infographic posted by Entrepreneur, they have visually provided a breakdown all of the statistics involving anyone who has stepped into the tank to present an idea.

Every single business who stepped into the tank from seasons 1-5 of Shark Tank was used in this evaluation. The show has come a long way from its humble beginnings and it’d probably be safe to say that the statistics shown for the next 5 years will be significantly different. So, if you’re wondering if you have the next great pitch for the sharks or how to get your idea featured on Shark Tank, take a look below. Also, change that dream you have into a goal today!



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