Ford is Trying to Make our Lives Easier with FordPay

You shouldn’t put the cart before the horse because the horse will run into the cart. That’s how I always understood it. With the announcement of Ford’s new mobile app FordPass, it would seem as if the automotive company is putting the car before the horse. Along with this bold move, Ford has also announced FordPay, adding the ability for payments via your smartphone.

Paying for anything using your phone still seems odd and unnatural, it would seem as if mobile payments have a long road to go. Or is it still too early to tell? Why would Ford step up and build the option for mobile payments into their app if the overall concept of paying for anything using your smartphone has yet to even be adopted? Think about it, when Ford put the car before the horse, the horse went out of business. Ford may be onto something again.

From a fact I found on Distractify.comI assume is well researched by that author they say within the average lifetime, “You drive a car for 4.3 years. In that time, you’ll cover enough distance to go to the moon and back 3 times.” That is a lot of time and a lot of miles we spend in our cars, more time and distance than I ever realized. A lot of valuable time for the automotive giants to now capitalize on by integrating new technology.


I don’t know about you, but, I use my car to get everywhere. I am always driving it when I need to get from point A to point B. My day is always ruined when I arrive at point B only to discover parking is existent. 0-100 level frustration. If only there were a solution…


Now presenting, Ford’s multi-functional smartphone app, FordPass® featuring FordPay.

From their front page:

We are going to change how the world moves to make people’s lives easier. Ford is taking steps big and small to bring you solutions that put you in control of the journey, giving you the power to experience your world more freely than ever before.”

What Exactly is FordPass?

Ford is expanding into a new level of customer retention through brand loyalty. With this app, they seem to be transcending the traditional boundaries of what was once thought possible in the automotive industry. When our main mode of transportation begins to take care of our daily affairs through the perfect blend of human and artificial intelligence, the possibilities for continued growth for Ford are endless.

According to Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO. “FordPass is really about listening to people’s needs and developing ways to help them move better.”

A platform that reimagines the relationship between automaker and consumer. FordPass aims to do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans.”

Further down their home page:

FordPass® is a new platform that will empower you to rethink the way you move. Through a collection of personal, digital and physical solutions, FordPass will provide you with more mobility options so you can go further than you thought possible. Ford is working with ParkWhiz and Parkopedia to help people find and pay for parking more easily, and with FlightCar to borrow and share vehicles when they travel.”

The capabilities of FordPass may be limited now but it too will continue to evolve and the integration of FordPay for mobile payments further illustrates their longterm vision for this app. Expect to see more features for convenience and exciting corporate partnerships. Expect to see the competition releasing their own version of FordPass. Expect everything to change and to continue to change.

How far will this technology go? Will we see a future of friendly A.I. like Bicentenial Man or should we live in fear because of Ex Machina? And then ask yourself this, in each of those futures, does paying for something with your phone and/or car seem like a ridiculous notion? If you had to ask me, seems as if Ford is ahead of the curve once again.

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