How the Instore POS iPad is Completely Changing the Game

Micah Solomon, a customer service expert and Forbes writer says, “The single most important thing you can do for your business is to get to work building true customer loyalty, one customer at a time.” We’re aware of the importance of customer loyalty but what is your business actually doing to foster ongoing relationships? Are you using new technologies to help provide more value for you customers or does the process seem too invasive?

Innovation will continue and it does not care what you think about it. New technologies will always present a slight learning curve but a lot of these options can significantly help your business―or completely waste your time. It’s tough deciding exactly what will work best for your business but know among the many that exist, the right fit is somewhere out there and guidance should be welcomed.


Remember our old Nokia phones with the dark monochromatic screens. You could make calls, text using T9, and play Snake to pass the time. Then the year 2002 brought us our first camera cell phones, a huge technological leap from the previous available options. Just 5 short years later, Apple decided to change the world with the introduction of the first iPhone. The iPhone is light years ahead of those old bricks and it did not take long.

Innovation did not only happen for cell phones, it has happened for everything. The world has completely changed. With this change, comes new options for businesses to take advantages of, and credit card terminals have experienced a similar transformation just like when the iPhone was first released.

The standard credit card machines are still extremely useful and needed for your business, however, new and better options also exist. To bring everything full circle here, how do we approach Micah Solomon’s quote about customer loyalty? Exactly how he explains it, one customer at a time and one of the best ways to ensure this is with the Instore POS system.

Think about the same way the smartphone revolutionized the cell phone. Instore has done the same exact thing for credit card machines. Credit card machines are still great at accepting payments, the same way that Nokia phone is still great at making calls, but the iPhone allows you to do so much more―as does Instore.


Using the Instore iPad POS system gives you all the same functions of a credit card machine but with the ability for more. Built in customer loyalty programs allow you to build true customer loyalty, one customer at a time. When a customer uses their credit card (and/or email address), it becomes their loyalty rewards card for your business―and Instore allows you to dictate exactly what sort of rewards program you want to create.

To learn more, please visit Instore or contact us to speak with a specialist. Think about it, how much better can you run your business when you have a smartphone and your competition is still using the Nokia brick?

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