How to use the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon for your Business!

Not everyone is quite as savvy as they want to be with their marketing efforts via Facebook. It’s not easy. Facebook knows this and is trying to help with that. Sometimes, you simply need to provide the platform and let your customers do the talking for you. That’s why Zuckerclaus is giving you a new gift!

facebook-bluetooth-beaconVery recently, for certain brick and mortar businesses, Facebook released a free Bluetooth beacon to help businesses better engage with their customers. The Bluetooth beacon technology speaks with your customer’s phone and app opening a new line of communication between you and your customers and also a new sense of a community for your customers to engage with each other as well.


How Does the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon work?


Let’s say you run a restaurant. What do you think the chances are that someone will open their phone and check Facebook while in your business? If you said 100%―in today’s world―you literally could be right. And now, when your customers do that, they will see a new section featuring Place Tips filled with information about your business like:

  • A welcome note and photo
  • Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check in
  • Posts from your Facebook Page
  • Their friends’ recommendations about your place

What does that mean for your restaurant? Less time spent trying to figure out Facebook and more customer interaction. This beacon feature is only in its infancy and more options within the Place Tips will be added in the future. For now, Facebook is sending out the initial orders to the businesses who jumped on the early release.

How Do You Receive a Facebook Bluetooth Beacon?

If your business’s Facebook page has not prompted you to order one, you may need to check your page’s settings. If your business is not properly categorized within Facebook’s categories (restaurant, real estate, service, etc.), your page will not recognize you as a brick and mortar business.

Even if your page is not categorized correctly, you can visit this link to sign up.

How Easy is it to Set Up the Bluetooth Beacon?

Could not be any easier. Once your package is received, simply pull out the device, turn it on, and stick it within a central location within your business.


What’s the Catch?

Using Bluetooth technology, these beacons send a one-way signal to the Facebook app on your visitors’ phones. The beacon is not collecting any data or information from you or your customers, it is simply designed to help create a new digital experience for your clientele.

Will it disrupt the Wi-Fi or Other Equipment?

The answer is no, they’re designed to help, not to disrupt the operation of your Wi-Fi or other equipment.

Who will see these Place Tips?

The beacon uses Bluetooth technology, so only people who have enabled location services on their phone and have Bluetooth turned on will receive Place Tips from the beacon at your business.

Can you customize your Place Tips?

The answer is – Yes. Another free resource provided by Facebook outlines everything you need to know about setting up your free Bluetooth beacon. To edit your Place Tips:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click Place Tips in the left column
  3. Below Welcome Note, choose whether you want to use your Page’s short-description or write a custom message
  4. Below Photo, choose whether you want your Page’s cover photo or a custom photo to appear with your welcome note

Facebook Bluetooth beacons are free for you to use and help people see more information about your business whenever they use Facebook during their visit.


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