Inserting an EMV Chip Card Takes Longer and People Hate It!

Innovation creates a quicker process for everything. If that is true, why has the process for our payment processing taken a turn the opposite direction with the adoption of the EMV chip card?

The mandatory switch to EMV was followed by an overwhelming UGH heard around the Internet. Our payment transactions now take a few seconds longer when a chip card is inserted and people do not like it. The swipe, what is quicker than the swipe? We love the swipe, the swipe is gratifying.

Why the Swipe Died:

October 1, 2015 was the beginning of the end for the swipe. Security is the reason for this change so we should all feel at ease with a safer payment process. But we are impatient beings who enjoy instant gratification, EMV has failed to deliver in that sense, but it’s not EMV’s fault.


More Security Means Longer Transactions

No one is ever excited to visit the TSA before flying at an airport but without it, we would be afraid to fly. One day, hopefully soon, TSA will innovate ways to speed up the process but for now, there is a long line. Think of the EMV chip credit card insertion process as the line at the the TSA.


For most of us, credit card security is out-of-sight/out-of-mind meaning the EMV adoption seems to be more of an annoyance than help. The reality of everything is this, in some near or distant future, the credit card may cease to even exist. If the chip card insertion process annoys you, the real question is, “Why are you still using a credit card?”

How Do We Speed Up the Transaction Process?

The surprising answer is that alternatives already exist. As the Internet of Things continues to evolve, payment technology is being integrated into the devices we already use. Have you tried a mobile payment yet? A lot sooner than you think, that question will be a strange question to ask.

Our smart phones have become a literal extension of our bodies. We even get anxiety when the phone is not within arm’s reach. A mobile payment is much safer than our mag stripe credit cards, so why ignore NFC payments? And the mobile payment process is as quick and gratifying as the swipe but with some god-like feeling attached. As if you’ve just discovered your own super power.

Pay close attention to everything that is happening with payments. Their abilities are becoming integrated into everything.



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