One Simple Trick to Increase Engagement on your Facebook Page

The trick to increase engagement is simple – Entertain. That is all, just entertain your audience. If you thought this trick was simple, as in the form of execution, I am sorry to let you down. No shortcut exists, however a recipe does, a simple recipe that becomes ignored when someone wants to sell their own product.

Thought Experiment:

Think about this same scenario in terms of a television network: Would you turn on your favorite TV channels if all that was shown was 24 hours of commercials? You wouldn’t, knowing this fact, TV channels conjure up streaming entertainment in the form of a TV show. An average hour of prime-time US network TV programming contains seven minutes, 59 seconds (7:59) of in-show brand appearances and 13:52 of network commercial messages, for a combined total of 21:51 of marketing content. That’s  36% of an average prime-time hour.

Any business can figure out a way to entertain their network, it just takes a bit of creativity. Providing value does not only come in the form of a coupon or offering. Educate and inspire, provide insight to the inter-workings of your company, provide free information, just give and continue to give. If your current strategy is to put as little focus as possible into cultivating a network and only use the page as an outlet to try to sell a product or service, now is the time to change.

The perceived notion prior to Facebook including Page Post Metrics was that what ever you post from your page is seen by all of the people who have Liked that page. Meaning if you have a page with 10,000 Likes, it was assumed that what you shared hit 10,000 people. The Page Post Metrics then came along to expose a dark truth, your posts typically reach less than 10% of your entire network. And that 10%, it’s really a nice way of saying roughly 2%-4% on average.


Why would Facebook restrict the reach of the content from your page? A one dimensional point of view is that Facebook restricts the spread of your content so that they can sell ads and continue to make money. If a post is only reaching 800 people and Facebook will spread it to 10,000 extra people for $50, that’s not a bad deal, right? Facebook is in the business of making money but that is not the reason for the restricted spread of your content. When you’re posting the right content from your page, that 2% – 4% of your network could change to 200% – 4000% reaching far beyond only the people who have liked your page!

Facebook is not restricting the spread of your content as a way to generate revenue — although as a result it’s a way for them to generate revenue — Facebook is restricting the spread of your content to keep their news feeds interesting and relevant. You know what annoys you about your news feed and so does Facebook. Every update is focused on providing the user an even more pleasant user experience.

In closing, why not offer the same for your network? Stop thinking about what you want from your network and start thinking about what your network wants from you. How can you enhance their online experience? What can you provide for them, how can you entertain?

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