mobile credit card processing

Frequently, businesses looking to establish a new merchant account ask “How much will I be charged to accept credit cards?” Sadly, our competitors are unable to give a specific answer to that question.

True Rate

True Merchant has the answer, “TRUE RATE”. Our Merchants’ enjoy one simple rate every month. That’s right, one simple fee per month. So say goodbye to per transaction fees, statement fees, batch fees, administrative fees, rewards or corporate card fees, or any other monthly fee your current processor is charging. True Rate is the lowest single rate designed specifically for your business.

No Gimmicks

Many merchant service competitors advertise programs with “rates as low as 0.35%,” however, this is a very misleading tactic. When the merchant receives their first billing statement, they are charged with numerous additional rates and fees that cost the merchant SIGNIFICANTLY more than the low advertised rate. It seems as if every month there is a new fee with a confusing explanation.

Simplified Merchant Statements

The one phrase that our customers tell us over and over is that they have peace of mind knowing they have low rates and that they can actually understand their merchant statements. There are no hidden costs or fees, its one simple rate that’s customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to determine your TRUE RATE!

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