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SmartPay gives your customers the ability to receive, review, and pay their bills online so you can put more time and money back into your business.


Efficiently manage recurring payments. You’ve impressed your customer with outstanding service; now impress them by streamlining their recurring payments.


Paperless Invoicing streamlines your billing process online and eliminates wasteful paper invoices. Send your custom invoice without the cost of postage and get paid sooner.


We’re always available day or night, when you have a question, just give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the support you and your customers deserve.


Payments are secure with with SmartPay. Data is automatically transmitted through CardSecure where it is encrypted and tokenized. The token – not the sensitive card data – is the only thing stored on your system, protecting your customers’ information.

  • Recurring Payments:

    Do some of your customers receive the same invoice each month with their subscription? Automate recurring payments and SmartPay will do the work while you focus on your business.

  • Interchange Management:

    Smart Pay automatically passes along Level II and Level III data to your payment gateway. This ensure you qualify for the lowest possible interchange rates.

  • Customer History:

    SmartPay saves and stores all your customers information so you’ll never have to ask twice. Once it’s entered, it remains securely in the system. On top of that, SmartPay will notify a customer when their payment method is close to expiring.

  • Optional Incentives:

    Reward your most reliable customers and encourage the challenging ones to be timely by offering custom discounts for early payments. Simply enter how much of a discount you’d like to offer and we’ll apply it.

  • Real-time Insight:

    Immediately updates when a payment is received so you are always the first to know when an invoice is paid. Plus, your customers can take comfort in knowing their payment went through successfully with our instant notification.

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