The Importance of the “About” Illustrated by Johnny Cupcakes

Attracting a devout clientele is every business owner’s dream. Creating that emotional connection between a human and a brand somewhat transcends reality, where people talk about your business as if it were a friend or family member. Those who market your product for you and repetitively purchase as proof of loyalty.

As Walt Disney would say:

“People spend money when and where they feel good.”

Even knowing perception is reality and first impressions mean everything, why is it that so many fail to identify exactly who they are and what they do? Find the ability to convey the right message and you may just unlock the formula to the secret sauce. This could be the case for you too, that is of course, if people knew about your business.

The Importance of the “About” Section:

If people are searching for information about your business, and you have no description about your business, how will anyone find out about your business? Throughout years of being introduced to small businesses who are struggling to create their online identity, the first issue I always find is their About section, or lack thereof.

If you cannot even describe your own business in a few paragraphs of text, how will you expect the customer to understand what you’re doing―how will you get them to connect? So many top level brands are successful simply because of the amount of effort that goes into their story.

Conveying the right message to your audience is crucial, yet, so many still fail to realize the importance of attaching that human element. What sort of effort has gone into manufacturing your online identity?

Is this selling cupcakes or clothing?


Take a look at this brand’s Facebook page below, what are your initial thoughts?


Is this selling cupcakes or clothing? Say you didn’t notice the subtitle clothing underneath the Facebook page’s title, if you randomly stumbled upon this page, would you think clothing or would you think bakery?

The Johnny Cupcakes brand confuses many, but in that problem of confusion, Johnny found success.

Using the Problem as the Solution:

“Choose not to be harmed – and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed – and you haven’t been.” – Marcus Aurelius

The Stoics practiced an exercise called Turning the Obstacle Upside Down. This exercise is interesting in that it makes you face any and every problem with a solution. Every bad situation becomes a new source of good. Marcus again goes on to say:

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Johnny was a smart man – and has a truly inspiring story to tell – and where he won was using the perplexity of his brand to his advantage. As a result, his brand gained traction, fast, and instead of wasting dollars on marketing he instead put those dollars into building his experience.

Simple, direct, to the point and prominently placed where Facebook allows your short description to read, Johnny writes:

My name is Johnny, and I make clothes with cupcakes on ’em. Have you had your cupcake today?

That should tell you all you need to know about Johnny, right? Wrong, it draws you into his about section where you can learn everything you need to know about Johnny Cupcakes and even more. Like a spiderweb of words entrapping a clueless fly. Johnny uses his unique approach to a brand to gather fans, but those passerby’s who stumble upon one of his T-Shirt Bakeries can be single-serving fans. The devout, however, are attached to this brand because they are attached to his story.

Write the Story However You Want:


Johnny has created a brand experience like no other. The Johnny Cupcakes stores are even set up like a bakery, the shirts on baking racks, presented in ovens and industrial refrigerators as if they were cupcakes. The stores smell of frosting, the staff in official JC aprons and your purchase even packaged into one of their signature pastry boxes. It is an aesthetic so convincing, customers are often saddened to learn upon entering, cupcakes are not anywhere within their near future. An angry review online even reads: “Overpriced T-shirts and not even one cupcake!”

Johnny has no need to defend his business online from the person who fires off an angry review about his t-shirt shop not being a cupcake bakery. Johnny knows the importance of his story and the cult following the story of his brand has created. A review like that is entertainment, his real clientele has an emotional attachment to his brand because of the experience he built to be just as important as his product he creates.

Johnny’s success is contributed to one-third design and two-thirds brand experienceWater and air are essentials of life, together they create the atmosphere encapsulating us all. Johnny’s products and experience are the essentials of his business, but it’s his story that encapsulates us all.

Is this a tale of success?


You may be thinking, what does this kid with a t-shirt store know about business? Besides the fact that he’s built his multi-million dollar t-shirt brand out of the trunk of his rusty ’89 Camry, Johnny was also named America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur by Business Week and was featured in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Independent Businesses (as well as MTV, Forbes, NPR, Wired, Wall Street Journal). And his story has also become a case study in numerous text books. Johnny Earle, the man behind Johnny Cupcakes, also tours giving passion and inspirational lectures to universities and corporations.

Sounds like Johnny knows what he’s talking about.

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