Amex OptBlue

Your Small Business Can Accept American Express Credit Cards

Finally, the acceptance of American Express cards does not have to be expensive for your business. With True Merchant, we can find a rate that works for your business because no one ever wants to turn down money.

One Fast Payment

Get paid at the same time as your other card brands to improve cash flow.

One Statement

Save time with one simple statement for all the cards you accept.

One Service Contact

Rely on one servicing contact for questions about all card brands.

What is Amex OptBlue?

True Merchant is able to determine the price for American Express Card acceptance, so you have the opportunity to accept American Express at a rate that works for your business. And that’s just one of the ways OptBlue makes it easy for eligible small businesses to accept American Express Cards.

Simplified Reporting

Separate American Express merchant billing statements are a thing of the past with OptBlue, your merchant account is consolidated into one merchant statement. With True Merchant’s online CardPointe Merchant Center you’ll have real time access to ALL of your transactions and statements.

Next Day Deposits

Tired of waiting for your American Express deposits and having to reconcile your credit card transactions twice. Sign up for OptBlue, and your American Express deposits will be included in the same batch with your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions.

Lower Credit Card Processing Costs

Not only does True Merchant’s Amex OptBlue program simplify your business accounting, it’s also more affordable than traditional American Express Accounts. Why should your business accept Amex OptBlue? The costs are very similar to Visa, MasterCard, and Discover rates and fees. Contact us to today to set-up your account.


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