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We have helped businesses grow by providing small business loans and maintain an  A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau


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Need Funding for your Business?

Providing business funding is a safe and extremely competitive way to get the business loan you need without the hassles of a bank. We make business funding an easy process!

How we can help!

True Merchant facilitates and manages the relationship alternative business loan lenders and small business owners like you. We make the process simple so you can worry about running your business and preparing for the new capital.

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What type of funding is it?

It’s a true business loan, where repayment is reported to the business bureaus. Although you’ve been pre-approved, their loans range from $5K – $250K over 3 – 18 months.

How does OnDeck underwrite?

OnDeck evaluates you based on your business cash flow, including your processing with True Merchant, your bank statements and additional factors.

How long does it take to receive a decision?

The application takes 10 minutes and only requires a couple documents about your business. You can receive a decision in hours and receive funding the same day.

What can I use my loan for?

The loan can be used for purchasing inventory, buying equipment, expanding your business or hiring employees. It’s a working capital loan, so flexible to your business needs.

What is the Interest Rate?

Our program is based on future credit card receivables and is not a loan; therefore there is no interest rate, only a fixed cost.

How Does it Work?

We provide merchants funds based on its projected future Visa/MasterCard/Discover sales volume. We do this by purchasing future credit card receipts at a discount. We then retrieve a fixed percentage of the merchant’s daily Visa/MasterCard/Discover sales volumes, while the merchant keeps all revenue generated by Amex, Cash and Checks. Qualification is determined by reviewing the last 3 months of merchant statements.

How Much Do I Get?

Funding is based on a review of your 3 most recent merchant statements.

The minimum is $2,500 with the maximum being $500,000 per incorporated location.

How Do I Pay Back the Money?

We retrieve a fixed percentage from the merchant’s credit card processing sales as they are batched.

Do I Need to Change My Processor?

We would highly recommend using us for your processing needs as we feel we provide you the best option in today’s marketplace. However, if you would like to start our relationship focusing on a merchant cash advance first, we can make that happen.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Money?

Within 3 full business days – provided you complete the paperwork and provide the necessary documents to me today.

Can I Get a Deal Like a Bank?

No. We do not provide bank loans. We provide Merchant Cash Advances.

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