What Can CardPointe Do For You?

What Can CardPointe Do For You?

CardPointe is the most robust payment processing platform available to businesses today. No matter the size of your business, CardPointe can provide you all of the functionality which you may need.

Literally accept payments anywhere at any time.
Accept payments from a credit card terminal, software, POS system, mobile phone or tablet, and website. And all of this is integrated into one merchant account. You can receive payments from your customers whether your business is open or if it is after hours.

It’s easy to set up and very user friendly!
True Merchant’s customer support team can help you implement CardPointe into your business seamlessly, where you have 1 or 100 locations. Training takes 15 minutes. The platform is user friendly for all employees within your organization.

You can use the CardPointe platform for many situations which you may not know you need.
Do you have customers who pay in person? The CardPointe Ingenico iCT220 can help with that.
Maybe you have a software and you’d like your payments to run within that. Great, we can integrate!
Do you attend trade shows or events outside of your business?
Simply download our CardPointe app and accept payments on any mobile phone or tablet. Plug in the card reader to get lower card present Interchange rates.

Have you been wanting to increase revenue by adding the ability for your customers to pay online? We make that easy with CardPointe with our hosted payment page. It’s both customizable and simple for any website developer to implement into your site.

So there is a feature for recurring billing. Well that is great if your business is a tanning salon or gym where there are memberships. But what if you are just a medical facility or a Business-to-Business company. How can I use that?
Well do any of your customers owe you past money from time to time? Are they 30/60/90/120+ days past due? CardPointe’s recurring billing function is a great solution to put these customers on a billing plan that catches them up and gets you paid faster.

Know how your business is doing with Real-Time Transaction Management.
CardPointe provides real-time transaction management. This means if you need to confirm if a transaction went through, simply view it from your desktop or mobile app. Maybe you need to void or refund a transaction, simply search, select, and choose the action and it’s done. No more calling into customer service for help with transactions. Manage your merchant account on your own terms!

The best part – it’s oh so secure.
Hopefully you aren’t losing sleep over your business having a potential data breach. Well if you are, CardPointe can help you get a good night’s rest. All transactions that run through CardPointe are protected by CardSecure, the patented point-to-point encryption solution which keeps the bad guys away from your customer’s credit card data. CardSecure is recognized by the PCI Council for its P2PE solution.

CardPointe helps businesses increase cash flow, protect customer’s data, and improve efficiency. Please let us know if we can help answer any further questions about the benefits of integrating CardPointe into your business.

Authored by:  Jimi Romanus

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