ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP business management software allows you to collect, store, manage and interpret data with a suite of integrated applications. Use your ERP Software for inventory control, operations, product planning, marketing and sales, manufacturing or service delivery, customer orders, financial data and more.

Focused on the needs of today’s users, our ERP solutions provide the flexibility to ensure growth, improve effectiveness throughout any organization and more efficient processes throughout your business.

Payment Security

True Merchant’s industry-leading PCI-Certified security solutions means you will have maximum protection for your sensitive payment data.

Point to Point Encryption

Point-to-Point Encryption is the only solution for full data breach protection and minimizing the burden of PCI compliance.

Intelligent Tokenization

CardConnect’s patented token methods are used to secure omni-channel payment ecosystems and lessen PCI scope.

PCI-Certified Vault

Creates secure profile records for each of your customers in a 100% PCI compliant environment.


CardConnect’s secure payment gateway provides the safest and easiest transaction processing in the industry.


Increase efficiency by automating the reconciliation of card-to-receipts in minutes.

Account Updater

Increase customer retention with an account updater that informs you of payment card changes.

Interchange Optimization

We aggressively manage interchange rates for our customers, minimizing fees and costs.

Omni-Channel Compatibility

Our ERP integrations support secure payment acceptance from all your sales channels.


Protect your card present transactions with CardSecure P2PE – available on popular Ingenico terminals.


We make it extremely simple to tokenize payment information in an e-commerce setting.


You can easily integrate secure payment acceptance into your corporate sales app, or use our out-of-the-box solution.

Order Entry

Minimize PCI scope for all manually keyed (card not present) transactions with the award-winning PANpad, our patented solution designed for call centers.

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