General Account Information

Weekend & Holiday Funding Times

Batches from Friday and Saturday sales will be deposited into your account on Mondays. If a bank holiday falls on Monday the funds will be available the following day.

Funding Times

Merchant Accounts starting in 5180 can expect to receive next day funding for batches that settle prior to 6:00pm EST.  

Merchant Accounts starting with 496 can expect to receive next day funding for batches that settle prior to 8:00pm EST.


Fees are typically with drawn from merchant accounts between the 3rd and the 5th of each month and are for the previous month’s volume.

American Express

True Merchant offers merchant accounts that are fully integrated with American Express, all deposits, fees and transactions are processed within a single account.

Account Management

Transactions, Batches, Deposits, & Statements

For transactions, batches, deposits, and merchant statements, please log into merchant center for immediate access to this information. Registration 

If you require further assistance please contact 1-877-828-0720 or email at [email protected].

Voids and Refunds

Transactions can only be voided if the batch has not been settled.  If the batch has been closed a refund will need to be issued.   If you no longer have the full credit card number  please contact 1-877-828-0720 to obtain that information.


In the event of charge back please contact the chargeback department at 1-800-672-5007.

Updating Bank Account Information

Updating Bank Account Information

Please download ACH CHANGE FORM and complete all of the requested information.  

Please note for security reasons we are unable to accept temporary checks, if the new checks are not able so provided a letter from your bank that includes your account and routing number and is signed but authorized bank representative.  

Also include the most recent bank statement from the bank account that’s CURRENTLY on file.


Updating Business Demographics (address, phone number, email address etc.)

Please contact customer services at 1-877-828-0720 to request these changes and advised the Customer Services Representative if you also need update for the credit card receipts.

Updating DBA’s

Please download DBA CHANGE FORM and complete all of the requested information


Change of Ownership

Only a majority owner of the business can apply for a merchant account.  If you are selling your business you’ll need to close your merchant account.  If you are purchasing a new business you’ll need to apply for a new account.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) sets forth security standards to be met by all card-accepting merchants. TRUE MERCHANT has partnered with Trustwave to assist merchants with these compliance requirements. 


Merchants should become PCI compliant within their first month of processing with TRUE MERCHANT. 

Please visit After clicking “Get Started”, the merchant is to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete registration and login to the Trustwave PCI Customer Portal.
  2. Answer the supplied questions to determine the type of equipment the merchant is using and the way in which the merchant accepts payments.
  3. Upon completion, the merchant is assigned a SAQ (Security Assessment Questionnaire) type, and is to answer all questions on the specified SAQ.

If any of the merchant’s answers keep them from being PCI Compliant, those answers will be highlighted and the merchant will need to change their business practice regarding that question. Once the SAQ is completed, the merchant receives a PCI Compliance Certificate and an assentation of PCI Compliance.

Annual Renewal

The merchant’s compliancy is valid for one year after the completion date.