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True Merchant makes sure you’re covered in the food and beverage industry with the best point of sale options designed to help simplify your daily operations, improve customer experience and grow your business! One of the most important purchases for your business is your POS system. We guide our customers through the process to help determine the point of sale system most value for your business.



Instore POS brings together everything you need to run your business into one simple easy-to-use application on an iPad. Instore comes equipped with a multitude of features to help you better run your business like customer rewards, multi-location access, marketing, time keeping, employee tracking and much more!

Clover® accepts payments, tracks inventory, manages employees and tracks revenue all in ONE system. Clover™ Stations are radically simplifying the way to do business. Clover™ comes installed with everything you need to accept payments and manage your business and it just in case we missed anything its customizable too.

The NCR Aloha is a multi-functional restaurant POS solution gives operators all the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace of service. Staff can use the Aloha POS to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations.

Additional Options:

Wireless Credit Card Machines

Credit Card Machines

CardPointe Virtual Terminal

CardPointe Dashboard

Manage your business from your desktop in our back office, your laptop at home, or your smartphone when you are out and about. CardPointe gives you access to everything related to your merchant account! There isn’t a need to call our customer support line (unless you just like saying hello from time to time). Receive instant notifications when a chargeback is filed, your digital statement is available, and more. Access all of your data — from fully detailed deposit reports and customer information to real-time authorizations and settlements.

Go green and start receiving all of your account statements digitally.

Virtual Terminal

Does your business need to accept transactions with the card not present? Take payments in office through the Virtual Terminal or anywhere you have internet access.

An easy-to-use browser-based app for processing payments. In just seconds, accept an order over the phone (a card-not-present transaction), or swipe / insert a customer’s card on our integrated Ingenico terminal.

Virtual Terminal on Macbook Pro

Mobile App & Card Readers

Are there events or trade shows that require you to do business in remote locations other than your storefront? Download our free CardPointe app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad and easily accept payments anywhere. Order the card reader and plug it into your audio jack to swipe or insert cards seamlessly.

Reduce Costs

Not only can our solutions increase your revenue, they will also reduce payment processing costs. All transactions automatically qualify for Interchange Optimization on Level 3 and 4 payment rates. This solution significantly reduces costs on manually typed in transactions from your customers paying with Business and Corporate cards.

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