“Instore POS brings together everything you need to run your business into one simple easy-to-use application on an iPad.”


when choosing the right POS System


See who sells what. Reward your most productive employees and train up your least.

Customer Rewards

Leave the customer tracking to us, knowing something about nearly everyone who walks in your store. Reward customers for how much they spend, magically and painlessly without slowing the checkout line. Motivate customers to purchase and pay with gift cards, your most profitable form of payment.

Employee Tracking

Know who’s doing what on your registers. Identify errors quickly, before they become problems.


See what’s not selling and when you are slow, then promote these items and times in creative ways. Create specials in seconds, then track how your promotions perform. Customized receipts is a great POS feature to encourage a return visit. Finally, use our free social media plug-ins to spread the word.

Labor Optimization

Track labor as a percentage of sales to ensure proper staffing and higher profits. From anywhere.

Gift Cards

Customized Instore gift cards are free to use and swipe at your store, a low cost payment option and great branding for your business. Learn how gift cards can increase traffic, generate higher sales, improve cash flow, and encourage repeat visits.

Time Keeping

Automate clock-ins and clock-outs with fewer mistakes and greater accuracy.


View real-time performance on any location with a single login. Set up new locations quickly with a simple menu copy. Assign managers and employees to any location, tracking their time, activity, and sales performance. Share customer, gift and rewards data across locations to increase customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

The iPad POS

 loved by small business

Increase Workflow Efficiency!

Take orders quickly from anywhere in your store. Line-bust during peak selling hours. Print perfect order tickets to avoid kitchen confusion while making sure you get paid for add-ons. Store customer information to speed up phone orders. Take an order in one part of your store, accept payment in another.


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Clover POS System with FD40 pin pad
Clover logo

Clover™ accepts payments, tracks inventory, manages employees and tracks revenue all in ONE system. Clover™ Stations are radically simplifying the way to do business. Clover™ comes installed with everything you need to accept payments and manage your business and it just in case we missed anything its customizable too.

Aloha logo

The Aloha POS System can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose handheld devices and consumer mobile devices. NCR Aloha POS is ideal for quick service, fast casual, casual dining and fine dining restaurants.


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