Online Payment Solutions

Plenty Of Options

From Mobile to Point-of-Sale and everywhere in between, True Merchant’s Online Payment Solutions combine unmatched security with the latest in payment technology.


CardPointe Virtual Terminal

Processing payments and managing your merchant account doesn’t get any easier than CardPointe.

Easy Set-up

Shopping cart plugins are a simple and easy solution to install giving customers a seamless and secure e-commerce experience.

Unparalleled Security

CardSecure® provides a patented PCI-certified security solution for tokenizing cardholder data so every transaction is protected.

Flexible Checkout Options

Securely process transactions on your site using the Ajax Tokenizer or redirect your customers to a customizable hosted payment page. True Merchant has two options for setting up your shopping cart.—a white-labeled hosted payment page or a Token Post.

Shopping Cart Options

With our multiple easy-to-use online shopping carts, your business
can also process with our low rates and PCI-certified security to ensure
safety for both you and your customers.

Learn More About Our Online Shopping Cart Integrations

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