Oracle credit card processing integration

Elevated Enterprise Security


like no other

True Merchant touts the highest level of security in the payments industry. Backed by industry-leading tokenization and powerful point-to-point encryption, have peace of mind knowing your sensitive payment data is safe.

Payment encryption


Not only does True Merchant’s payment gateway connect to all major merchant acquirers, but it also lowers transaction costs by automatically passing Level II/III data and using 3-D Secure.

Instant Reconciliation on Returns

Automatically reconcile deposit details from the bank to match deposits to open receipts and post GL entries.

Account Updater

Retain more customers when you gain the ability to automatically update expired and changed card numbers in Oracle using Account Updater.

The Leading Oracle-Validated Payment Solution

True Merchant’s Oracle-validated Payment Gateway connects Oracle to the banking system, allowing you to safely and smoothly process all transactions.

Minimize PCI Scope

Our tokenization and PCI-certified P2PE provides the ultimate reduction of PCI scope.

Intelligent Tokenization

True Merchant’s CardSecure protects the card data and PII within your Oracle system with multi-use, single vendor, irreversible tokens – compliant with PCI-DSS and state regulations.

Secure Vault

True Merchant sanitizes your Oracle system of card numbers and places them in an ultra-secure off-site PCI compliant vault.

Omni-channel POS integration & support

Accept any form of payment via any sales channel – simple, secure and fully integrated.


True Merchant offers a variety of P2PE-certified and EMV-ready terminals that can be integrated to Oracle EBS without any modifications.


We have a variety of shopping cart plugins and hosted payment pages, along with the option of custom integrations with our API. All transactions are tokenized for PCI scope reduction, cardholder data is securely saved for recurring transactions, and our gateway achieves the lowest possible interchange rate.

Call Center

A patented tokenization and P2PE solution for key-entry payments (via telephone or mail order). The only true solution for fully securing each transaction and taking each customer service workstation out of PCI scope.

Order Entry

True Merchant offers a iOS/Android mobile app or the ability to use our API to connect to an existing one. These apps connect to a variety of mobile card readers for anytime payment processing.

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