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Solutions for a Better Merchant Account

True Merchant has multiple options for you to explore and specialists who can help you decide what POS systems will be right for your business!


POS systems nowadays have way more functionality than simply accepting payments. Your POS system should enhance your business and help you to become more profitable. Consider a machine with options such as staff management, marketing tools, task automation, customer data gathering, and loyalty programs to help manage and grow your business!


when choosing the right POS System

User Experience

The easier a system is to use, the easier you can train on that system! Look for a machine that provides easy-to-use functionality!

Data Access

True Merchant can work with your web team to set up a secure hosted payment page allowing your customers to log in to your website and make a payment. Our team is very developer friendly. Web developers have access to our easy to use APIs and sandbox, as well as multi shopping cart plugins.

Future Proof

A lot of POS systems are becoming obsolete! Make sure your system has the ability to grow with our quickly changing future.

Data Security

Keeping your business’s sensitive data safe and secure is of the utmost importance!


Search for a POS system with detailed sales reporting and access to other analytical data to help create better efficiencies within your business.

Hardware Options

With multiple hardware options, choose a functional system that is durable and stylish to be the right fit for your business!

POS System Options

InStore is the ultimate mobile pos system. InStore offers two versions: InStore Pro and InStore Terminal. Gain insight into who your customers are and then keep them coming back with unique loyalty and gift card solutions. InStore runs through the CardPointe gateway providing your merchant account with the highest level of payment security in CardSecure.

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Clover® POS System provides a solution for the restaurant and retail industry. A full line of Clover is available based off of need including Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Mobile. Pricing depends on what components are needed but cost of ownership is typically more affordable than many similar pos systems.

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