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True Merchant’s CardPointe solution will enable you to take payments easily anytime and anywhere. Do you have a customer that is on retainer? We can do that for you. Would you like to be able to have your customers make payments on your website. We can help there too! Really there isn’t anything we can’t help your company with when it comes to payments. Ask how we can help you get setup today.


Your company has worked hard to build and maintain a quality brand name for itself. Don’t allow a lapse of judgement to enable unprotected cardholder information to transmit at your company. Having a secure way to accept payments is a must for any merchant in 2016. The significant benefit to a being a True Merchant customer is having each transaction run through the patented point to point encryption solution CardSecure™ within our CardPointe system.

CardSecure™ is the most effective way to secure cardholder data for swiped, dipped and keyed transactions. Protect your business and your customers from a data breach by storing all card data in our hosted vault – no sensitive information ever resides in your systems.

CardPointe Virtual Terminal

CardPointe Dashboard

Accommodate your business growth and manage customer interactions with a host of payment solutions. Always be the first to know. Receive instant notifications when a chargeback is filed, your digital statement is available, and more. Access all of your data — from fully detailed deposit reports and customer information to real-time authorizations and settlements.

Go green and start receiving all of your account statements digitally. We’ll notify you each month when it’s ready to view.

Virtual Terminal

Take payments in office through the Virtual Terminal or anywhere you have internet access.

An easy-to-use browser-based app for processing payments. In just seconds, accept an order over the phone (a card-not-present transaction), or swipe / insert a customer’s card on our integrated Ingenico terminal. Allow multiple offices to run payments at the same time through the same interface and be able to track reporting through the CardPointe Dashboard.

Virtual Terminal on Macbook Pro


F E A T U R E S:


With Cardpointe, not only can you accept credit and debit cards, but you can also choose our optional ACH solution. Use this method to charge customers directly from their bank account.

Recurring Billing

Do you have customers on retainer? How about needing to set up a payment plan to collect money owed? We can handle that for you. Set up customers on a recurring billing plan that charges their credit card or bank account on file. Simply choose the amount, start date, frequency (every week, month, 3 months) and an end date. No more chasing checks or sending a customer to your Collections Department.

Account Updater

What happens if a customer’s credit card expiration date occurs in the middle of a recurring billing cycle? No need to worry, our Account Updater tool will automatically contact the card issuing bank and update the card information on file so you never miss a beat or a payment!

Hosted Payment Page

True Merchant can work with your web team to set up a secure hosted payment page allowing your customers to log in to your website and make a payment. Our team is very developer friendly. Web developers have access to our easy to use APIs and sandbox, as well as multi shopping cart plugins.

Ingenico Retail Terminal

Does your company also accept payments with the cardholder present? Our Ingenico terminal solution is the perfect product. This credit card machine runs through CardPointe and allows your customers to swipe, insert an EMV card, or accept a contactless payment such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay.

Mobile App & Card Readers

Are you meeting with a client outside of the office? Don’t waste time later chasing owed revenue or sending a customer to collections. Accept payments on the go with our mobile app and reader for any Android or Apple Smartphones or iPads.

Reduce Costs

Not only can our solutions increase your revenue, they will also reduce payment processing costs. All transactions automatically qualify for Interchange Optimization on Level 3 and 4 payment rates. This solution significantly reduces costs on manually typed in transactions from your customers paying with Business and Corporate cards. Our True Rate and True Cost pricing plans are simple and easy-to-understand as well as guaranteed to further reduce your payment processing fees.

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