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use Quickbooks?

Combining True Merchant's processing with Quickbooks provides a secure solution for sending and receiving payment.

Quickbooks credit card processing integration

Quickbooks Integrations

True Cost Processing

Take advantage of True Merchant’s suite of payment solutions while utilizing everything you love about QuickBooks. Enjoy low credit card processing rates with our pricing plans such as True Rate and True Cost, access to CardPointe and much more.

Instant Set-up

Your business can start processing transactions within QuickBooks immediately via the CardConnect Gateway and our streamlined installation process.

Enterprise-Level Security

Do you know what a data breach costs a business? Both hefty fines and a significant loss of customers. Safeguard your company with CardSecure, moving all of your customer data to our hosted Vault, where it is encrypted, tokenized and protected from security breaches.

Omni-channel POS integration & support

Accept any form of payment via any sales channel – simple, secure and fully integrated.

CardPointe Integration

Receive complete access to full transaction lifecycle reports, transaction management, recurring billing, customer profile storage and more with integration into our CardPointe solution.

Level II / Level III Data

Does you accept payments from customers paying with Business, Corporate, or Purchasing Cards? Our CardConnect Gateway is specially designed for interchange optimization passing both Level II and Level III data, meaning you get the lowest rate possible for each of these transaction types.

Support & Development

It is easy as 1..2..3 for us to integrate Quickbooks as well as our other tech solutions into your business. Our support and development teams offer a thorough background of providing robust resources for properly integrating payments into your applications and systems.

All Payment Types

Never turn away an opportunity for a sale by accepting a wide range of payment methods including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ACH, eChecks, JCB, PIN­less debit and more.

Reporting & Reconciliation

Vital business data like settlements, deposit information, and statements are all found in one place. Our customizable reconciliation solution ensures reconciling cash-­to-­receipts is integrated and automated.

All the Advantages of Quickbooks

Manage your entire business simply by integrating your payment processing into the same application as your payroll, sales information, and tax reports.

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