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As a trusted consultant in the payment space, True Merchant offers interchange-plus pricing  as this pricing model is most consistent with our values.


Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange plus also referred to as “pass through” or costs plus” is simply a small fixed markup on top of interchange rates set by the card brand.    The interchanges rates will vary depending on the cardtype, the way its captured, and industry but our cost remain the same!


Interchange plus pricing provides the most transparency as a merchant you’ll know exactly what you are being charged, there are no hidden fees and no gimmicks.  True Merchant is committed to offering this  pricing model, our customers know exactly how much they are paying, and whose receiving those payments including True Merchant fees.


We know we could choose a different pricing model, which by its design hides fees and confuses merchants, but compromising our integrity just isn’t worth it.

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