Improve your business cash flow and get paid sooner

All True Merchant customers automatically have access to accepting recurring payments.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Stop wasting time with manual invoicing, data entry and collections!

Recurring billing guarantees a consistent cash flow as the dates are set up on a billing schedule agreed upon by the merchant and customer. With True Merchant’s Gateway, it is as simple as inputting the credit card information one time and then choosing the recurring billing cycle for your business.

What are Recurring Payments?

Recurring billing allows a merchant to set customers up for a consistent billing schedule. Merchants can choose to have customers pay either by credit cards, debit cards or ACH through the customer’s bank account.

What industries are best?

Merchants who have customers that need to pay on a consistent schedule. Some merchants include online providers with subscription fees, Tanning Salons, Health Clubs, and Self-Storage Unit companies.

Customer Experience

Happy customers become repeat customers, especially when signed up for a recurring payment plan. Recurring payments create a simple process for both the merchant and customer.

Seamless Integration

Save time and alleviate the unnecessary time wasting hassle of invoicing and collecting each month.

Automate Cashflow

With recurring payments, the customer has one less thing to worry about and so does your business. Recurring payments are a win/win!

More options and ways to integrate!

Your business can process payments through our wide range of credit card machines, POS Systems, online gateways and mobile devices.

Recurring Payments

POS Systems

POS systems nowadays have way more functionality than simply accepting payments. Your POS system should enhance your business and help you to become more profitable. Consider a machine with options such as staff management, marketing tools, task automation, customer data gathering, and loyalty programs to help manage and grow your business!

Credit Card Machines

All new credit card machines are able to accept EMV transactions. They are also able to support contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay.

Ingenico iWL255 wireless credit card machine
online payment solutions

Online Payment Solutions

From Mobile to Point-of-Sale and everywhere in between, True Merchant’s Online Payment Solutions combine unmatched security with the latest in payment technology.

Mobile Payment Solutions

With True Merchant Mobile, businesses can accept credit card payments on a mobile device, transforming a smartphone or tablet into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class, patented security, innovative features and unmatched flexibility, True Merchant Mobile is redefining the mobile point of sale experience for merchants and their customers. Not only that, all transaction details (authorizations, settlements, funding, and more) are available in real-time from the Merchant Center.


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