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How important is the Security of Cardholder Data to your Business?

Partnering with True Merchant means processing with peace of mind.

Data Protection

Through CardConnect’s PCI-certified storage vault and patented tokenization combined with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), True Merchant significantly increases a merchant’s security level.

Point-to-Point Encryption

P2PE instantly encrypts all sensitive data no matter the method of accepting the payment. True Merchant is an innovated partner to merchants in what is becoming the next universal standard in payment security.


Sensitive data is instantly tokenized throughout all entry points for both payment cards and PII.


CardSecure provides the merchant with a sense of relief that no sensitive data is stored in the merchant’s system. Instead, our 100% PCI compliant environment stores customer information protecting the merchant from identity theft opportunities.

CardSecure® removes the risk of storing and transmitting sensitive data

  • Data Breach Protection

    Protect your merchant account from malicious cyber attacks, including POS-related malware and network intrusions.

  • PCI Reduction

    Reduce the burden of compliance to its lowest level through P2PE and tokenization.

  • PII Tokenization

    CardSecure’s tokenization is a solution for all types of sensitive data such as Social Security numbers, health records and others.

  • Data Conversion

    True Merchant makes it easy to become a merchant even if you already have sensitive data stored in your system? Let us convert any remaining payment information and Social Security numbers into secure tokens before storing them in our safe, off-site vault.

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