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Your driving service will have you on the road a lot, literally! It is important that you have a payment solution riding along with you. True Merchant’s wireless payment options allow customers to pay with credit cards wherever, when ever.


With True Merchant Mobile, businesses can accept credit card payments on a mobile device, transforming a smartphone or tablet into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class, patented security, innovative features and unmatched flexibility, True Merchant Mobile is redefining the mobile point of sale experience for merchants and their customers. Not only that, all transaction details (authorizations, settlements, funding, and more) are available in real-time from the Merchant Center.

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wireless credit card machines

Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Historically, businesses on the go such as HVAC, Food Vendors, and Trade Show Vendors have processed transactions through said terminals. However with the emergence of EMV, Wireless credit card terminals have also been finding a home at tableside restaurants. Mobile processing allows you to accept payments in locations you may have only been able to accept cash or check previously. Using a wireless credit card terminal from True Merchant means a direct savings due to not needing a landline. Merchants also benefit from lower credit card processing rates because the card is present.

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