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True Cost Pricing

With a True Merchant Membership

you’ll get the same rates as multi­million dollar corporations and save big time!

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  • Monthly Processing Volume Up to $10k
    $49* monthly
    • $0.06
    • 0% Mark Up + Interchange
  • Monthly Processing Volume $10k - $20k
    $59* monthly
    • $0.06
    • 0% Mark Up + Interchange
  • Monthly Processing Volume $20k - $30k
    $79* monthly
    • $0.06
    • 0% Mark Up + Interchange
  • Monthly Processing Volume $30k - $50k
    $89* monthly
    • $0.06
    • 0% Mark Up + Interchange

If you process more than $50k per month, please contact us for a customized quote in our True Rate Pricing Program. 

*Promotional offer brought to you by True Merchant. Call for details.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

True Merchant stands behind its promise to provide merchants with easy-to-understand pricing, quality customer service and care.

Highest Level of Security

We back our incredible True Cost Pricing with unmatched patented security from CardSecure.

24/7/365 Customer Service

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing around the clock care is available whenever you may need it.

What is True Cost?

Let’s face it, there are some shady characters in this industry. It’s easy for a business owner to find themselves stuck in a situation where they’re overpaying for paying. What may seem like a great deal can later turn into a financial nightmare fueled by frustration. This scenario leads to unsatisfied customers and that is not what we’re about, we like happy customers.

To have happy customers, one must provide the truth, and that is exactly what True Merchant does. We give it to you straight, with these easy-to-understand plans.

Straight Forward Pricing

For a low monthly fee, your business will be able to process card payments at true wholesale interchange rates just like large volume corporations are privileged to. What is Interchange? Interchange is the industry standard cost applied when processing a payment. You only pay interchange then 6 cents per transaction. That’s it!

Ask your True Merchant representative about the latest in POS systems, credit card terminals, and even business loans!

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