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Virtual Terminal

What is the Virtual Terminal?

An easy-to-use browser-based app for processing payments. In just seconds, accept an order over the phone (a card-not-present transaction), or swipe a customer’s card on an integrated, lightweight USB magstripe reader. With this Virtual Terminal, every transaction is protected by CardSecure™, our patented tokenization method for securing cardholder data. CardSecure™ protects your business and your customers from a data breach by storing all card data in our hosted vault – no sensitive information ever resides in your systems.


Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere with the Virtual Terminal

Preferred Industry Types:

Business to Business

Card Not Present

Summary of Benefits:

Interchange Optimization:

The True Merchant Virtual Terminal processes Level II and Level III data so that every transaction qualifies for a lower interchange rate, reducing the cost of each payment processed.

Custom Receipts:

Promote a special event or social media accounts on your receipts, which can be printed or emailed to your customer. You can also customize customer profile and transaction fields.

Real-Time Reporting:

The Virtual Terminal is connected to the Merchant Center, providing real-time access to robust, comprehensive reports on authorizations, settlements and funding activity.

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